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Tech Information for Fall 2015

What This Isn’t

While the goal of this blog is to be helpful, there are a few things it is not… Let me explain… top-secret

1) This is not a place to delve into your truly personal questions. There are a lot of issues that should remain private between you and the college staff person who has a need to know. You can have general questions about you, but questions that require confidential information in order to figure out the answer should not be asked here.

As an example. You can — and are encouraged to — ask questions like “I’m interested in working on campus and I think I’m eligible for Work Study. Where do I start?” That’s a good question where a lot of others will be interested in the answer also. Questions like, “I made $xxxxx last year and I need help with tuition and I could use a job on campus, what am I eligible for?” are too specific and too personal. Yes, you need to ask that second question, but not here… ask that question directly to the folk in the Financial Aid office.

2) This is not a substitute for reaching out and asking questions. While I’m going to cover a lot of topics over the course of the next few months, I’m not necessarily going to answer your question or answer it on a timely basis. I may be planning to answer your question about “how much pocket money should I have when I come to campus?” in August, when you’d like to know that now so you can think about planning a budget and knowing how much you need to start saving.

If you have a question that I may be answering here, do leave me a comment or send me an email. While I have a ‘plan’ for content, doesn’t mean that it’s in concrete… if there are questions that need answering, I’ll be glad to help get those answers for you! If you have a question that you’re not too sure if it’s too personal or not, drop me an email ( — we can sort that out between us.


Welcome to Genesee!

directionsThere’s lots of fun and not-so-fun things that need to be done before Fall 2015 classes start in August.

The goal here is to serve as a source of information for some of the next steps that you need to take as we go along, to demystify some of the things we (the GCC college ‘we’) will be asking you to do as well, as maybe answering some questions.

If this blog does *any* part of that for you, I’ve done a good job.

This is April and while Fall classes don’t start until August, there’s lots to tell. So I’m going to be here with more advice than you ever wanted… but I’m also more than willing to answer questions as we go along… If there’s something I don’t know about Genesee, the one thing is I do know who to ask! So don’t hesitate to ask your questions when they occur to you.


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